About ALEF

Alef is a privately-held education technology company, with a team of more than 300 leading technology and education experts who have joined forces to reimagine the future of learning.

Driven by a notion that each student across the world has an innate curiosity to learn, the team at Alef has developed a transformational technology-enabled education solution that recognises that every student deserves a customized learning journey – moving from the traditional teacher-centred model to a new, learner-centred model.

Alef is a K - 12 technology-enabled education solution designed to improve learning outcomes in the mainstream classroom setting. It enhances the learning experience of K-12 students by building content that carefully interweaves skills, character, and knowledge across and within subjects. Alef content is grounded in the latest in learning science research. Before it reaches any student, every lesson in Alef undergoes rigorous testing against a predefined framework.

Alef’s technology and curriculum are carefully synchronized, allowing students to learn at their own pace. With real-time data at their finger tips, teachers are able to support students' learning goals by making informed decisions about when to intervene and how.

Alef Education is an innovative locally incubated Emirati company.

We are proud of our Abu Dhabi roots but we have a large and diverse team of international experts that have been assembled together to truly change the education paradigm.

Alef is home to some of the world’s best data nerds, algorithm engineers, learning scientists, creative designers, and educators. We seek constant feedback of a wide variety of students, both local and international, that work with us to validate that what we are doing has the utmost and most positive impact on the learner’s academic development and learning outcomes and also the learner’s environment. We come from over 20 countries, studied at some of the world’s top universities, worked at Fortune 500 companies, started exceptional startups, and have now come together in one of the world’s best cities to make the impossible happen.

We are bound together with passion for making a difference, the discipline to make it happen efficiently, and the skills to get it right.

Alef’s educational design uses concepts like:

This design is then powered by natural language processing, advanced data science, and technology-enhanced content to deliver a system that engages students and encourages self-learning.