About Alef Education

Alef Education is a privately-owned education technology company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We are home to a team of passionate educators, data nerds, algorithm engineers, learning scientists and creative designers. Our people have come from over 20 countries, studied at some of the world’s top universities, worked at Fortune 500 companies, founded exceptional startups, and have now come together in one of the world’s best cities to make the impossible happen.

Alef Education is here to change the way our children are educated.


For too long, our children have been taught in the same manner that their grandparents and great-grandparents were taught decades ago. A factory model system of education where students are conveyed in an assembly line from one all-knowing and all-powerful teacher to another.


Students are taught exactly the same things – at exactly the same pace – and expected to regurgitate large chunks of information. There is no time for slower learners to catch up and no time to further the imagination of interested learners. Everyone gets treated in the exact same manner.


While the world around us has changed rapidly and human advancement has reached new heights, the education system has remained stuck in time.


Enter Alef.


Alef is a K-12 technology-enabled education solution designed to improve learning outcomes for students. Our system also offers tremendous benefits to school administrators, teachers and parents. Alef harnesses the latest technology from artificial intelligence to machine learning to provide predictive analysis of students outcomes.


Using the latest in learning science research, Alef has pioneered a ground-breaking approach to education.


This approach has been successfully implemented in one of Abu Dhabi’s public schools since September 2017 with striking results.


Our big ambitious goal is to introduce Alef in K-12 schools globally and transport them to the next century.


We are here to change the world.

Alef’s educational design uses concepts like:

This design is then powered by natural language processing, advanced data science, and technology-enhanced content to deliver a system that engages students and encourages self-learning.