Parents & Students

Students are placed in the driving seat with Alef.
We believe every child should have their own unique learning journey that allows them to follow their interests.

Parents are a priority for us too. With Alef, parents get to participate in their child’s education experience.

Have you ever wondered what your child does in school? Have you ever asked your child how the school day was? You may probably have heard the same reply most parents get – “OK”, “Good”, “Fine – and not much information beyond that.


We at Alef believe that parents should know what their children are doing at school. We believe they should be a trusted partner to support their children’s learning journey.


To achieve this, we have a parent app that offers an easy way to communicate and engage parents. Parents can see their child’s schedule, see stars awarded, as well as messages regarding their child’s progress.


Today’s students live with continuously developing technology; they have access to the internet anytime, anywhere.


As a result, students today no longer learn as students of the past. Technology has influenced the way they research, think, and interact with one another.


They have become self-motivated, collaborative, inquiring, and connected learners.


Alef students display these same skills at an advanced level. The Alef student not only utilizes technology but also embraces it within his/her education to master their learning and further develop their metacognitive, active inquiry and critical thinking skills.


These attributes, together with the incorporation of technology and hands-on learning, make our students more than just 21st Century Learners.


They are Alef Learners.