Parents & Students

Alef has already been in the development and pilot phase for 36 months. Alef has undergone testing with a group of volunteer students in Abu Dhabi for a full academic year. The students demonstrated a remarkable increase in attainment in both English and Math.

The study was designed to ensure that the progress was a direct result of the Alef system. 

Alef seeks to become a trusted partner to parents in support of their children’s learning journey. To achieve this, we have designed a system that communicates back to parents and teachers, to offer a simple yet personalized tool that creates a sense of engagement, while equipping them with the tools to further support their children in ways meant to strengthen their bond. 

Alef actively engages with parents in the early stages as a way of understanding their values and goals, and then customizes proper communication patterns between schools and individual parents, to create a model for optimum parental engagement, while also considering experiential ways parents can support learning through activities outside the classroom.

Test Results Achieved Within A Seven-Month Period

An average increase of


on scoring in english language test

An average increase of


on scoring in maths test