The biggest advantage of Alef to teachers is that it allows them to focus their valuable time on doing what they do best – teach. Our technology takes care of the operational and tedious aspects of their role.

The teacher in the Alef classroom is very different compared from a teacher in a traditional classroom:


In the Alef classroom:


1. The content and assessments are pre-loaded on the Alef platform and aligned to the relevant curriculum standards

2. The learning resources are already provided to the teacher and students to create a rich learning environment

3. The Alef Platform allows teachers to have real-time actionable data for each student

4. The summative assessments at the end of each lesson provides immediate feedback to the teacher about the individual performance of the student

5. The teacher has the freedom to assign incentives and “stars” to students via the platform to encourage the learning process

6. The teacher has control and flexibility of the classroom to deliver teaching in a manner that is best suited to the students

alef education process