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ALEF Reimagines K-12 Education with a Breakthrough Solution September 10, 2017



- A school in Abu Dhabi today becomes first to embrace the A.I. powered Alef model
- Alef is the world’s first such system for mainstream academic learning

Alef, a privately held education technology company, today launched its technology-enabled education solution at a school in Abu Dhabi. This morning, more than 240 students began an education journey that has been 36-months in the making – the culmination of ambitious efforts of a world-class team of education and technology professionals who have collaborated to enable outstanding educational design, powered by state-of-the-art technology. For the first time in human history, a group of school students are using a technology-enabled education solution which is a complete end-to-end mainstream form of formal classroom-based academic learning.

“Alef’s launch today is the start of a journey to bring about an overhaul of the status quo to usher in a new paradigm in education. Given the rate at which technology and industry continue to evolve, it is unclear what future workplaces will look like, let alone understand the skills required of their workforces”

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Achieving Higher Learning efficacy with the help of real time remediation strategies using Data November 13, 2017

Achieving Higher
Learning efficacy

Teachers’ understanding of student’s learning gain is the cornerstone of effective education. The constant loop of dialogue and understanding between teachers and students drive engagement and learning efficacy.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence(AI) driven learning eco-system provide opportunities to gather new forms of data, allowing differentiation and personalization at scale.

AI based, technology enabled, classrooms allow teachers to monitor the progress of the student in real time, allowing teachers to take remedial action in the classroom for their ongoing lessons. The real-time data enables teachers to build and deliver an effective learning strategy for the student grouping and differentiation during the classroom hours.

The AI based learning solution gives data and alerts of students’ thinking and learning ability. Insights like, the trending patterns and co-relation within and across subjects gives an overall understanding and levels of engagement of the students in the classroom. This provides the time and space for the teachers to design personalized instructions for the varying learning needs of different groups of students and ultimately optimizing the overall learning outcomes.

The real-time data-based interventional strategies provides a highly motivated learning environment for the children and in-turn increases the learning efficacy of the students by many folds.

The data and related learning strategies for the students can be referred by the new teachers (at the time of change in teachers, which is one of the common problem in K-12 education) and the teachers for the next grades allowing them to plan ahead of time, making the learning less depended on the insights of an individual teacher.

At Alef, Artificial Intelligence and data, enable the teachers to respond to problems and pivot strategies dynamically at a fast pace to suit each student’s needs.